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John the Baptist
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John the Baptist
by: Diane Smit

John the Baptist was a preacher

a preacher wild and fair.

In the desert, John the Baptist

taught the people there.


John the Baptist dined on locust

and sweet honey cakes.

Grasshopper pie was quite delicious,

Forget those juicy steaks.


John the Baptist wore a fur coat;

a coat of camel’s hair,

Wrapped up snug with a leather belt

is what he chose to wear.



  2008 Rosemarie Gillen


John the Baptist warned God’s people

to turn from sinful ways.

There in the desert, John the Baptist

preached for many days.


John the Baptist baptized Jesus

in a river of watery blue.

And from the clouds, he saw a dove

descend on Jesus, too.


John the Baptist heard God say,

“This is my precious son.

In him I am very well pleased.

He is the promised one.”


2008 Diane Smit  



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