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A Zoo in You

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By Bernadette Martonick

                  A Zoo in You

      "Bock! Bock! Bock!” Suzie clucked like a chicken. She

tucked her hands under her armpits, and she flapped her

arms like wings.

      “Oh no!” Daddy cried as he watered the petunias.

“The chicken’s loose again.”

       Suzie ran to Daddy and hugged his legs. “Come get

me,” she said.

       “Not now, Suzie. I need to water the flowers.”

       Suzie got down on her hands and knees and sniffed

the ground. “Ruff! Ruff!” she barked while digging a

hole in the grass.

      “No, no doggie,” Daddy said as he trimmed the

bushes. “Mommy doesn’t like holes in the lawn.”

      Suzie sniffed Daddy’s legs and feet. “Pet me,” she


      Daddy patted her head and went back to trimming.

Suzie jumped off the second stair of her porch. She

continued hopping, sticking her tongue out like a frog

catching flies. “Ribbet,” she said hopping over the hose.


      Daddy swept the walkway. Suzie hopped over to

him. She stuck her tongue out and pulled it back in.

      “Come catch flies with me daddy!” she exclaimed.

      “I’m almost finished sweeping,” Daddy said.

      Daddy sat down on the porch steps and wiped the

sweat from his brow. “Suzie!” he called, but Suzie didn’t


      He waited.

      Then, running with all her might, Suzie came to

Daddy and jumped into his arms.

      “I am the fastest cheetah in the world,” she said

with wide eyes.

      Daddy hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

      “No,” he said. “You are my precious little girl.”

      “No,” Suzie said, and roared like a lion.

      “You are my little girl,” Daddy said again, “but there

is a whole zoo in you!”

      “Meow,” Suzie said like a cat and rubbed her head

against Daddy’s shoulder.


2008 Bernadette Martonick

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