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Illustrator's Guidelines

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Writer's Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in illustrating for My Light.

To be considered as an illustrator for My Light, please send three art samples as an attachment in jpeg format to

In addition to lively, colorful work, your submission should include a cover letter and a bio. Be sure to mention any illustrating experience you may have and your ability to meet deadlines.

If you are chosen for an assignment, we will state the deadline in our e-mail. Also, we will let you know if we need one or two illustrations. Generally, we will want two illustrations for longer works and one illustration for shorter works. Dimensions can be 800X600 or 1024X768 pixels.

As in the case of the writer's guidelines, please only send in work that is your own. By submitting to My Light, you indicate that the work is of your own and is not clip art. You also agree to hold harmless My Light from anything associated with such conduct. Here at My Light it is imperitive that our team respects the work of others.

Please check the guidelines routinely in case of changes.



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