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Children's Submissions

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Writer's Guidelines

We will publish work from children on a special page titled From Our Readers.

Submissions must be related to God, at least in some small way. Stories should be an example of how God is with us, our love for God or our learning about Him.

I am eager to publish devotions from children since children have such pure love of Him. Some things to discuss:

How has Jesus touched your life recently?

Have you been blessed by God today? It doesn't have to be dramatic. Look closely at your life. Was there something that made you say to yourself, "Thank God..." or made you smile?

Is there a favorite Bible story of yours? Why? How does it help you?

Did an article in our magazine help you somehow?

Word Count - 300-600 words.  Please send your submission via e-mail to with a statement of parents' permisison and a cover letter.  





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